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Real Estate

Historic Index Books
Grantor & Grantee Index books spanning years 1823 through 1994
Click above to review historic index books

Filing Activity Notification System
Free to use. Monitor filings made related to registered property, as well as notify of filing activity related to UCCs (personal property), liens and plat filings

Effective July 1, 2023. All security deeds must have a cover page, cover page requirements can be found here: HB-974-Filing-Requirements

eFiling Portal
The real estate division is responsible for recording, processing, indexing documents related to real estate.

Real Estate documents and deeds along with plats may be EFILED here.
Intangible and Transfer Tax are both payable to the Decatur County Clerk’s Office and may be EFiled along with security deeds.

State Index Search: Click Here
The above link opens search capabilities that include:

UCC Index – financing statement data from all counties since January 1, 1995, and can be searched by name, taxpayer ID, file date and file number.

Real Estate Deeds – property transactions from all counties since January 1, 1999, including the name of the seller and buyer, location of the property, any liens on the property, and the book and page where the actual deed is filed in the county.

Lien Index – statewide public access to real estate and personal property information, including liens filed pursuant to Code Section 44-2-2. The system began January 1, 2004.

Plat Index – public access to real estate and personal property information, including map and plat images and searchable index data. The system became operational Jan. 1, 2004 for all counties to submit map and plat index data.

PT-61 Index – PT-61 E-Filing is a collaborative program between the Department of Revenue and the GSCCCA to develop a more efficient process of filing your PT-61 form.

Carbon Registry Index – This index contains Carbon Sequestration Project registrations from all counties including the name of the project participant, the name of the land title holder, the deed book and page number for the project parcel, the county containing the parcel, the latitude and longitude of the center of the parcel, the date that the project was registered, the project name, project type, and information regarding the current state of the project. Searches are performed by county and (optionally) participant name and registration date.

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