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How Are People Called To Jury Service?

Jurors are chosen from a list of eligible citizens provided by the State of Georgia. Upon request from the court, a specific number of jurors are randomly selected and a summons is issued to those individuals.

The popular belief that the pool of potential juror names comes only from voter registration records is a myth. Voter registration encompasses just one of the many rosters used by the state to create lists provided to each of the 159 counties. In May, 2011, Governor Deal passed the Jury Reform Bill ultimately creating this statewide jury pool. The Department of Driver Services, the Secretary of the State and the Department of Public Health provide some of the lists used to add or remove potential juror names. If you have a Georgia Driver’s License or Georgia Identification Card you are already on the jury list. Fear of being selected for jury service should never be a reason not to vote.

Prospective Jurors

You may have been sent a summons to report as a traverse juror (trial juror). A traverse juror may be seated in a criminal or civil matter. A traverse juror will sit for the duration of a trial and will deliberate the facts of the case as presented in court. A traverse juror, also known as a petit juror or trial juror, is a citizen who has been selected to serve on a trial jury in a legal action or prosecution. Please click here for more information from the State Bar of Georgia regarding jury duty: Juror Information

Please dress appropriately for court. No shorts, hats, or t-shirts with foul language. You may dress comfortably and, if you’re subject to get chilled, bring a sweater or jacket. We’re often told the courtroom is cold. Weapons of any kind may not be brought into the courtroom. You may bring your cell phone but must turn your ringer OFF. You may NOT record court proceedings or take pictures without written consent of the presiding Judge. The form required for permission from the court to record proceedings can be found HERE.

Juror reporting date and time appears on your summons. As we move through the process, if you are not selected you the court will advise you of your next steps. You may be excused for the rest of the term, be given a date and time to report back or a time to check in on the jury information line, 229-248-3007, for additional reporting instructions. All jurors MUST attend the first day of court UNLESS they have been legally excused or deferred. If you have not signed an affidavit or other paper for the Clerk of Superior Court or the Court, you have not been legally deferred or excused.

Jurors summoned for are to report to the Main Courtroom by 9:00 A.M. unless otherwise specified. Please remember, the court session BEGINS at the time specified on the summons and jurors should be seated INSIDE the courtroom by that time. Security checks must be completed prior to entering the courtroom, so please allow plenty of time to be screened.


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