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A court fine is an amount of money ordered by the court as a penalty for breaking the law. The fine may be part of your sentence or, in some cases, your entire sentence. Under certain circumstances, fines may be paid over a period of time set by the Court. All decisions relating to fines are made by the Court. Decisions regarding the fine amount and date the fine is payable is also made by the Court. The Clerk and Deputy Clerks are not authorized to reduce the amount of any fine or to change the date a fine is due.

Fines should not be confused with restitution. Restitution is ordered for any damage or economic loss suffered by a victim. Restitution is usually not paid directly to the victim. How, when and who to pay will be explained immediately after sentencing. Decisions regarding restitution and restitution amount are made by the court.

Fines may change without updates to this page. Fines not paid by the court date will have additional fees and penalties. Please contact the clerk’s office for the most up to date information regarding fines. Fine payments can be made with a cashier’s check, money order, or cash.

**Personal checks are not accepted.**

Payments may be remitted to the address listed below.
Decatur County Clerk of Superior Court
P.O. Box 336
Bainbridge, Georgia 39818

State Court Fine Schedule prior to August 1, 2020

2020 Fines Fine Schedule AFTER August 1, 2020


Decatur County Clerk of Court
PO Box 336
Bainbridge, Ga 39818