Clerk of Superior Court

Decatur County Georgia


Welcome to the Decatur County Clerk's Office website.  This web site is intended to assist you in becoming more familiar with the records and services available to you in your Clerk's Office.

The Clerk of Superior Court is responsible for:  

 °  Filing, recording and indexing all documents related to real estate for Decatur     County including deeds, plats and cancellations.

 °  Filing and processing all Uniform Commercial Code (UCC's), liens on     personal property for public notice.

 °  Filing and processing for service of civil matters including suits of     accounts,     judgements, liens, fifa's, divorce cases, adoptions, name changes,     child     support, change of custody and contempts. 

 °  Filing and processing executed warrants, indictments, accusations and     sentences on all felony and misdemeanor cases.

 °  Processing sentencing packages, post conviction  

 °  Filing and processing all Juvenile cases


Role of the Clerk


The Clerk of Superior Court is a Constitutional Officer, meaning the position was created by act of the Legislature in the state constitution, and has been a mandated county constitutional officer since the framers of the Georgia Constitution of 1798 provided for election of the Clerk of Superior Court in each of Georgia's counties.


The Clerk is responsible for protecting the integrity of public records and public funds. The Clerk receives, manages and processes all court documents, collects and disburses all court fees, fines, and costs, and provides the public with access to court records.  The Clerk records deeds, mortgages, charters, and notaries public.   


Limitations on the Clerk's Office


The clerk and deputy clerks would like to help all parties that ask for assistance, however, the clerk and deputy clerks are strictly forbidden to practice law by statute and are restricted in what they can give advice about or assistance in preparing paperwork for civil and/or criminal matters.





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Cecilia Willis  

Decatur County Clerk of Superior Court  

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Cecilia Willis